shea butter

Shea butter is an amazing moisturizer for the face, body, and hair. Some of the main benefits are its emollient qualities while it locks in the moisture in the skin and keeps it hydrated, especially during cold months! It softens and penetrates without clogging the pores.  In our botanical brews, we couple shea butter with several enriching oils, including our nourishing coconut oil. Coconut oil hydrates skin and helps improve elasticity. It is also rich with antioxidants such as Vitamin E and Vitamin A and anti-aging properties. It can also help reduce the damage from free radicals and the sun.


We added Sandalwood Essential Oil to this natural cocktail! Sandalwood Essential Oil is known to promote healthy looking, smooth skin and can also be helpful in reducing the appearance of skin imperfections. It has a very distinctive smell... soft, warm, smooth, creamy, and milky scent.

     2oz  jar $5  4oz jar $8 and 8oz jar $12 


This powerhouse concoction contains cocoa butter which is rich in natural compounds known to slow skin aging, smooth scars, wrinkles, and other marks on the skin. Enriched with several nourishing oils like Jojoba, Almond (Sweet), and Argan oil to moisturize skin.

        2oz  jar $5  4oz jar $8 and 8oz jar $12